John Cena, future of UFC.

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John Cena, future of UFC.

Post by Thugenomics on Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:21 am

I know all of you may not recognize how physically demanding it is to be a member of the World Wrestling Federation. So maybe you can take away one fact from this discussion that will help you realize the true, nonstaged fundamentals of fighting that are behind WWE.

After all THE best UFC fighter is Brock Lesnar who was in the WWE.

Now I don't actually fight UFC so I'm not suggesting I'm an expert on it. However I do participate in the Ohio Valley Wrestling Federation and I've taken plenty of classes in Wrestling and Sambo so I know some stuff but I'm not an expert on all types of UFC.

First of all we all know that John Cena left WWE staging that he got fired... Hmm sounds a lot like what Brock Lesnar did another WWE/UFC star.. And Frankie Edgar/Rey Mysterio(yes they are the same person don't pretend like you didn't know)

A not on Frankie Edgar, his last fight was August 28th in the UFC and his last WWE fight October 25th, Almost three months later which is the average rest time of WWE and UFC fighters

This reason shows that Cena is ready to make the next step towards UFC which if you read his twitter recently you would catch on to. Usually on Twitter WWE fighters will tell the truth after the fact. Like after Brock Lesnar left his contract he gave up on the ruse and posted something like "i guess it was just time to move on".

Well suprisingly Cena recently posted the day after his LAST appearance on Monday Night Raw he posted "#CeNation. Officially don't care anymore what wade thinks or says. Had time to reflect and if i get fired, im ok with it."

Doesn't care about being fired? Sounds like hes ready to move onto a bigger stage to me hmmm....

Now this all just solidifies my point that hes going to UFC, now I'll get to the meat of it which is how he is going to win the championship. Now we all know the UFC title is changing hands at a rapid rate now, and the pool of talent in the heavyweight class is huge. Well this means anyone has a shot and with all these guys beating each other up it leaves ample room for a contender.

Ok so we know competition is fierce which is an obstacle and a benefit as well. But what about training and conditioning? Well first of all comparing a UFC fighters regimen to a WWE fighters is like comparing a Nascar racer to an All State running back. Plainly said UFC fighters learn the skills in a brief time usually 6 months, do some amateur fights and then move up. Everything a UFC fighter does to train for the next fight is done in the couple of months leading up to the fight. Once you know your opponent thats when you start fighting. Experience adds up but come on, John Cena has seen every type of style as it is emulated into the UFC and plenty of styles that aren't even common in UFC! John Cena has been training since he was 22 for WWE disregarding all the stuff he did before then (All state Ohio wrestler in high school and DE for John Harrison High Varsity). We all know how difficult WWE "boot camp" is. I'm sure you've seen the documentary done on WCW's well think of that on steroids. The attrition rate is over 90% to put it into perspective and its a full 8 months of every day training and sparring. So lets not even get into his credentials. John Cena is no pushover in terms of size either. At 6'1 140 he virtually mirrors Cain Velasquez and his reach of 78 beats Cain by 1 inch.

Finally for all you who say that WWE moves do not transfer to UFC moves I'm going to point out one of the very many tools in their arsenal. Lets see Cena recently took down Daniel Bryan with a move known as the prototype which greatly resembles the Banna split which is in itself a very complex UFC move.

Thats a Banna Split if you didn't know.

So in conclusion John Cena will be your UFC heavyweight Champion I predict in another 8 or 10 months, because of his experience, his far superior training regimen and conditioning and his technical prowess in the ring and for the future in the Octagon.


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Re: John Cena, future of UFC.

Post by Hollywood Dang on Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:35 am

Blue Wolf...future of Sengoku

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Re: John Cena, future of UFC.

Post by Fizzle on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:05 pm

wwe should definitely bring back brawl for all

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Re: John Cena, future of UFC.

Post by DieOff on Fri Dec 03, 2010 2:34 am

Anything to bring back heel wigger Cena.

Cause heel wigger Cena, was fucking awesome.

Fuck Prototype Cena, and "Marine" Cena we have currently.

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Re: John Cena, future of UFC.

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