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Combative Sports Federation

Post by Kid Gavilan on Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:40 am

Former referee and commissioner, Larry Hazzard, Sr., announced yesterday that he and former IBF president and founding member, Marian Muhammad, have formed a world combative sports sanctioning organization based in New Jersey. The Combative Sports Federation, Inc., or CSF, will include rankings of professional boxers and mixed martial artists around the world.

Hazzard, a 50-year veteran of both sports, is eager to lead the organization as president with his partner, Marian Muhammad as vice president. Former New York boxing commissioner, Randy Gordon, will serve as the organization’s ratings chairman, and former WBC supervisor and liaison to U.S. Commissions, Rhonda Utley-Herring, will be the championships chairman.

“We have a very competent staff with the experience and passion for maintaining the integrity, health and safety of combative sports. Together, we have more than a century and a half of experience in all aspects of boxing. Championships chairman Utley-Herring and I authored the unified rules that professionalized the sport of mixed martial arts while at the New Jersey commission, when no one else would touch them and for me, this is just the next logical progression”, said Hazzard.

The recent International Boxing Hall of Famer believes that there’s definitely room for a credible sanctioning organization in the world of combative sports. He is hopeful that his new organization will make the sports more competitive. According to Hazzard, even with the number of sanctioning organizations that already exist, they still cannot rank all of the fighters who are deserving of a chance to vie for a world title.

Hazzard says he and his team will continue the work he started at the IBF when he and Muhammad called a meeting of all of the major world boxing sanctioning organizations to discuss important changes necessary to bring the sport into the 21st century, such as the formation of a super heavyweight division, the unified use of instant replay, unification of titles, and increased participation of female champions.

He also met with the Boxing Promoters Association, BPA, headed by Joe DeGuardia, who expressed their enthusiasm over Hazzard’s desire to include promoters’ opinions and comments during his initial development and structure of the CSF championship rules.

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Re: Combative Sports Federation

Post by CanadianAssault on Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:49 am

so they will be making a IMF Belt for MMA?
and they don't say anything about Kickboxing.

also super heavyweight div in boxing? sounds fun lol

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