Cage Wars 4man LW Tournament

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Cage Wars 4man LW Tournament

Post by London Calling on Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:54 am


CAGE WARS CHAMPIONSHIP are proud to announce their first ever UK title belt tournament. The lightweight four man tournament which will take place on December 10th, will feature four of the best up and coming lightweight fighters from the UK and Ireland.

Nomaan Khalid, Tommy Maguire, Bobby McVitie, and Ali Maclean will compete to become the CWC lightweight champion. The four fighters will face each other in a knockout tournament, which means the winner will have to win twice on the same night to earn the fantastic CWC gold belt.

“ We have not offered a title belt before. We needed it to be meaningful, so the only option to achieve that was a tournament.

In the early days of mixed martial arts that was how all the champions earned their belts, so it seems appropriate to do that for our first ever belt. This is not a “world title belt” because pretty much every show on the planet has one of those and we wanted to be credible and avoid the “not another world title from the village hall” remarks that are always used. This CWC belt will mean something real to the winner because everyone will know that he had to work damn hard to earn it. After the tournament we will develop the rankings and allow the title to evolve organically into the number one UK title worth having.

This is the first step on the road to creating champions in each weight category for the UK and all the titles will be earned via the tournament process. We have a very definite plan to grow the CWC title platform across the globe and eventually reach our goal of having a real credible world champion through our events”

The winner of the CWC lightweight tournament will keep the belt as his own outright and he will receive a three fight contract with CWC. We have chosen these four fighters because we believe they have solid ability and are four exciting up and coming young fighters who in our eyes have earned an invitation to take part.

The CWC tournament will take place at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on December 10th as part of the Cage wars Championship - Validation event


Ive only seen Maguire before out of these guys, and I think he may be moving down from WW. Not 100% sure though, only saw him once in Cage Rage. Regardless, tournaments are always cool and worth a watch.
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