Ultimate Challenge MMA - Unbelievable

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Ultimate Challenge MMA - Unbelievable

Post by London Calling on Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:20 am

The world's greatest MMA organisation returns on Saturday with UCMMA - Unbelievable! Not sure when the event will be shown on Sky Sports, but it will eventually, Im sure, so Ill update when I find out if I can be bothered.

UCMMA 16: Unbelievable – Fight Card

Dean Amasinger V Jamaine Facey (WW)
Luke Sines V Mark Weir (MW UK1 Title Fight)
Oli Thompson V Ben Smith (HW)
Adie Preda V Linton Vassell (LH)
Pete Mercer V Jack Bostwick (LH UK1 LH Title)
Cory Tait V Dino Gambatesa (FW)
Tommy Kelly V Khalid Ismail (WW)
Symeon Kyurchiev V Richard Griffin (WW UK1 – REMATCH)
Carl Kinslow V Galore Bosando (WW)
Johnny Donoghue V Ben Craggy (MW UK1 Fight)
Simon Carrington V Dominic Plumb (LW)
Khalid Raja V Huseyin Garabet (FW)
Wayne Brown V Kevin Salisbury (MW)
Dan Shortman V Alex Harvey (FW)
Charlie Baldwin V Steven Sidwell (WW)

Some decent fights to look forward to. Amasinger is from Team Rough House and Id think most of you would recognise him, he's been on a UCMMA card before and was on one of the KSW cards with Pudz too. He's facing Facey who looked decent enough in his last couple fights for UCMMA. Very sloppy on the ground though.

Mark Weir, of course is a very experienced journeyman. He's facing some guy/kickboxer Ive never heard of called Luke Sines.

Former Britain's strongest man, Oli Thompson takes on Big Ben Smith. Ben Smith was in a pretty exciting back and forth, 1round gassing fest in his last fight and I dont imagine this one will be much different. Should be entertaining, at least.

Dont recognise anyone else on the card. Might be worth a watch if you catch it on Sky Sports, anyway.


On Wednesday 10pm on Sky Sports 4

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Re: Ultimate Challenge MMA - Unbelievable

Post by JensonTaylor on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:30 pm

I saw Dan Hardy at ucmma 16. He has cut his hair. no more mohawk

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