**NEW** Chronicles of Fedor - Legends of Old **APPLE COLOR CORRECTED**

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**NEW** Chronicles of Fedor - Legends of Old **APPLE COLOR CORRECTED**

Post by BigFatCox on Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:59 am

**This is NOT the same as 'Part 4.1 color corrected'...that version was color corrected in a program called Final Cut Pro, but this time I ran it through Apple Color, a much more powerful and tweakable color correction software**

Recently my youtube acct was hacked, all my vids were erased. Took the time off to learn Apple Color, a pretty powerful color correction software devoted to adjusting the contrast ratio/chroma in images to make them more appealing...some of the results I got were incredible--in the scene w/ the Mirko Crocop trip, an entire SEA of Japanese fans is now visible, where before all you could see was some obscure blackness in the background (even on the original DVD footage, these people were not illuminated enough to be visible by the viewer).

If you want more details on the color correction process (along with a couple still before/after pictures), please visit: http://www.kylecoxtamu.wordpress.com/

See the fights like nobody has ever seen them before-in vibrantly remastered color. Long live the Emperor!!


I'm currently in the works of starting a new MMA highlight in a much more powerful video editing system called Adobe Premier...this highlight will focus on the heavyweight division, and might I say, should be pretty fucking epic. Can't wait to get er done.


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Re: **NEW** Chronicles of Fedor - Legends of Old **APPLE COLOR CORRECTED**

Post by Фёдор Емельяненко on Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:48 am

CAN'T FUCKIN WAIT ! This forum is dead but im glad you posted this. I need a place to check your shit , im guessin that wordpress site will do the job ? I'll bookmark it . You should consider making a vimeo account for your vids though .
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